News and Events

Online Calcium Booking Calendar will become unavailable from July 5 to 8.

If you plan to use the equipment during July 5 to 8, please make a note for yourself when and how long you’ve booked the equipment. BIF staff will be able to view the calendar but won’t be able to add/edit the events on calendar during this time.

Our move has been postponed to mid-September.

We will move back to our original location in the basement of BioSci Building sometime after summer. Some downtime of the equipment will be expected in September. Please plan your experiment. We will keep you updated the situation of move and equipment through the website, online booking calendar and emails. Please feel free to contact […]

FOSI seminar in the LSI room LSC1 on June 18th (Tuesday) at 2pm

The FOSI organizing committee invites you to attend a seminar by the esteemed Dr. Eric Betzig titled “Imaging Cellular Structure and Dynamics from Molecules to Organisms.” The presentation will take place on June 18that 2:00pm in the Life Sciences Centre, in LSC 1. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided! Dr. Betzig is a leader […]

Seminar on X-ray micro-CT and digital design, May 7th at 12pm, Caseroom, Centre for Advanced Wood Processing

InterPore Kimberly-Clark Distinguished Lecture Series on Porous Media Science Technology Professor Mark Knackstedt, Research School of Physics ad Engineering, The Australian National University Digital materials design (DMD) coupled with new manufacturing techniques are emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionize product realization on a global scale. The Economist magazine likened the emergence of these […]

Join us for a FREE Hands-on Workshop on Olympus Light/Fluorescence BX53 microscope (May 13th, 2019)!

We have a New Olympus Light/Fluorescence BX53 microscope! And with a fond farewell, we have decommissioned the venerable Zeiss Axioplan2 after 18 years of service at the BIF. What’s new about Olympus BX53 upright microscope? – a fully motorized X-Y Prior sample stage for image stitching, tiling & multi-position acquisition. – a DP80 Dual-chip high-resolution […]

June 26, 2019 @3:31 pm