Download Your Data

We have shifted from Quartz PCI to FTPs based data download system. You will now be using a FTPs client application such as FileZilla, WinSCP, and CyberDuck for data retrieval. It is necessary and free to download/install these applications onto your computer workstation. Please refer to the linked video tutorials below for usage instructions.


FileZilla (PC&MAC)
CyberDuck (MAC)


Download Large Dataset

Due to the large data volume generated by our Zeiss Crossbeam SEM, we use Globus to transfer large data set. Please discuss your needs with our staff, and choose the proper method for downloading your data. Here are some general guideline:

  • If your data volume generated by our Zeiss Crossbeam SEM ranges from a few hundred megabyte to under 100 gigabyte, you can still save your data in your home folder, and use our FTPs based data download system to retrieve your data. But if your data set is larger than 100GB, Globus will be a more effective tool. Please discuss with our staff for details.
  • To use Globus to transfer data, you will need an Globus account to login to the Globus web portal for data transfer. Globus accepts credentials from many universities and institutes all over the world to login. For example, UBC members can login with their CWL accounts. You can even login with your Google account, or register a free Globus ID. Please check the Globus web portal for details.
  • Once you have your Globus account, and has successfully login to the Globus web portal, please send us your account information. We will need to have your name and email address associated with your Globus account. We will use those information to grant you access to our shared folder on the end point “UBC BIF Share on Cedar”. Once we grant you access to your data, you will receive an email from with more details.
  • You can find some detailed How-To instructions on the Globus website. The BIF endpoint is “UBC BIF Share on Cedar”. You have read only access. The data set is scheduled to be transferred from the Zeiss Crossbeam SEM workstation to the BIF endpoint at 8PM PCT every night, so you should be able to download your data the next day.