September 2023

We have a big group of BIF staff!

From Left to Right: Lacey Samuels (Academic director), Arash Momeni (Post-doctoral researcher, HRTEM & CryoTEM), Valerie Pringle (TEM staff), Miki Fujita (Research manager), Derrick Horne (SEM and TEM staff), Eunkyoung Lee (Optical microscopy staff), Irene Li (Work-learn study student), and Sam Livingston (not on the photo, Post-doctoral researcher, TEM, Cryo-sample prep and 3D FIB-SEM).


Prof. Lacey Samuels, PhD
Director of Bioimaging Facility
Rm 2312 Biological Sciences Building
Miki Fujita, PhD
Research Manager
Rm 0121 Biological Sciences Building

Derrick Horne
Electron Microscopy Technician
Rm 0123 Biological Sciences Building
EunKyoung Lee, PhD
Optical Microscopy Technician
Rm 0122 Biological Sciences Building
Valerie Pringle
TEM Technician
Rm 0133 Biological Sciences Building
Irene Li
Work Learn Study Student