SEM training

The BIF has two scanning electron microscopes.

The high resolution Hitachi S-4700 Field Emission SEM (FESEM) is designed for those projects requiring high resolution imaging. If you have samples with features smaller than 5nm then this is your SEM of choice. The FESEM is also equipped with a cryo-stage allowing imaging of fully hydrated samples. If your project requires cryoSEM then we will train you to use the FESEM.

The variable pressure Hitachi S-2600 (VPSEM) is designed to image samples with a greater field of view and lower magnification than the FESEM. Many biology based projects will only require the VPSEM and with the ability to alter the pressure in the SEM chamber it is possible to maintain some hydration in your sample allowing imaging of a more natural state than the FESEM.

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