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EquipmentItemPrice for Academic UsersUnit
Electron MicroscopySEM - Hitachi S2600 variable pressure/environmental SEM$40.00hour
FE-SEM - Zeiss Crossbeam 350 $66.00hour
FIB milling - Zeiss Crossbeam 350 $75.00hour
Cryo-SEM session$550.00day
Cryo-FIB session$675.00day
120kV TEM - Hitachi H7600$66.00hour
120kV TEM- FEI Tecnai Spirit$66.00hour
200kV TEM - FEI Tecnai G20$75.00hour
200kV Cryo-TEM session$625.00day
Optical MicroscopyOlympus Stereo Microscope$15.00hour
Olympus BX53 widefield microscope$15.00hour
Olympus FV1000 Confocal Microscope$40.00hour
Olympus FV1000 with multiphoton$66.00hour
Spinning disc PerkinElmer w/ volocity$40.00hour
Spinning disc PerkinElmer after hours w/ volocity$26.40hour
Sample PreparationHPF Shot (maximum 50 for billing) High-pressure freezing$30.80each
AFS2 Cryo Unit (Automated Freeze Substitution Machine)$52.80day
Cryo Ultramicrotomy$275.00day
Leica IGL Run$66.00each
Critical Point Drying$3.20pound
Carbon Coating$19.80each
Sputter Coating$6.00nm
Processing for SEM w/o CPD$20.50sample
Processing for TEM$26.40sample
Processing for TEM w/ HM20$55.00sample
Leica VT1000 Vibratome$13.20hour
ComputerImage ProcessingAMIRA and Dragonfly Software$13.20hour
Volocity Software Monthly Charges$13.20hour
FEI Inspect3D Software$13.20hour
Tech AssistanceTech Assistance$66.00hour
Sectioning by BIF Staff$96.80block

Updated April 2023