Nicky Lin

Work-Learn Student

Nicky is the newest member of the UBC Bioimaging Facility and began her role as a lab assistant in September 2019.
Nicky is currently pursuing her B.Sc. in Biochemistry with a minor in Commerce at UBC and is excited to join the BIF team this year. As a lab assistant, she is responsible for the overall maintenance of the facility and the chemical inventory, preparation of buffers and solutions, and sample preparation of biological specimens for light and electron microscopy. She is currently being trained on using ultramicrotomes, specifically the Leica UC7 with FC7 cryo-chamber, for trimming of resin-embedded samples. In addition, she has been trained on using the Leica EM KMR2 Glass Knife breaker to make glass knives for sectioning and facing of the specimen samples. She is also responsible for assisting with experiments conducted by the BIF by performing various microscopy techniques in the facility.