Zeiss Crossbeam350 FIB-SEM


Standard Focused Ion Beam (FIB) milling
Standard SEM imaging with a field emission gun (link)
Cryo-FIB & Cryo-SEM (link)
3D FIB-SEM & 3D CryoFIB-SEM for tomography
TEM lamella preparation



SEM&EDX: Academic users $66/h, Industry users $120/h
FIB&FIB-SEM: Academic users: $75/h, Industry users: $150/h
CryoSEM: Academic users $550/day, Industry users $960/day
CryoFIB: Academic users $625/day, Industry users $1200/day



– Electron optics: Schottky field emission source
Acceleration voltage: 0.05 – 30 kV, Probe current: 1 pA – 100 nA, In-column beam
deceleration system, Maximum 0.6 nm resolution at 15kV, 1 nm resolution at 1 kV, 1.6 nm
resolution at 0.2 kV

– Ion Optics: Gallium FIB source
Ion beam energy: 0.5 – 30 kV, Probe current: 1 pA – 100 nA, Resolution: 120 nm at 1kV, 50 nm at 5 kV

– Gas injection system
A gas injector for Pt

– In-lens detectors for high-resolution imaging with short working distances to detect SEs and BSEs
– In-column detectors to detect SEs and BSEs

– Oxford XMAX 170mm EDX detector

– Kleindiek MM3A-EM micromanipulator for lift out

– SmartSEM, SmartFIB, Atlas5 software operated by Windows 10