Prof. Lacey Samuels, PhD

Director of Bioimaging facility
Professor in Department of Botany


Professor Lacey Samuels is the Academic Director of the UBC Bioimaging Facility (BIF). Professor Samuels has a B.Sc. in Neurobiology from McGill University in Montreal, and a Ph.D. in Botany, from the University of British Columbia. She did post-doctoral studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA and at UBC Vancouver, where she became an Assistant Professor in 2000. She was Head of the Botany Department from 2011-2016, and became Director of BIF in July 2018. Research in the Samuels laboratory focuses on biosynthesis of plant cell walls, both cell wall polysaccharides as well as specialized cell wall components, such as lipidic waxes on the plant surface and lignin in wood. The Samuels lab group integrates advanced microscopy techniques with molecular biology and biochemistry to put cell wall biosynthesis and secretion into a cellular context.

Contact information
Office: Rm 2312 Biological Sciences Building
Phone: 604-822-5469