Kevin Hodgson

Optical Microscopy Technician

Kevin has more than 30 years of experience with confocal and multi-photon microscopy. He joined UBC in 2004, and this Facility (BIF) in 2006.

Kevin has worked on some of the earliest versions of confocal microscopes, starting in 1986, as the lab manager for Watt W. Webb, Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University. He had the privilege working with the scientists and witnessing the invention of, and further development of, 2-photon laser scanning microscopy and its broad applications, until the end of 2003. In addition, he assisted the grad students and post-docs in that lab while they perfected FRAP and optical trap technologies; his prior experience in embryology and cell biology contributed to the biologically appropriate design constraints of these photo-physical techniques.

He takes care of all the optical microscopes available in the BIF, Olympus Stereo microscope, light/fluorescence compound microscope, Olympus confocal and multi-photon microscope, and spinning disk confocal microscope. Kevin has trained so many undergraduate/graduate students and visiting scientists on various types of optical microscopy over years. He also works with the students and industry clients to assist in confocal and live-cell imaging projects.

Contact information
Office: Rm 64 George Cunningham Building
Phone: 604-827-4858