FOSI seminar on April 22 (Mon) at 1pm in MSL101 or Zoom

Focus On Scientific Imaging (FOSI) seminar is back for the month of April, and will take place on Monday, April 22nd at 1:00 pm in Michael Smith Laboratories (MSL) 101 or Zoom (Hybrid). Brian Duarte will give a talk titled “Unravelling the life cycle of Cronartium ribicola, the causal agent of white pine blister rust” and Elsa Cyr will give a talk titled “Live cell imaging in mosquito taste sensory system”.

Prior to the talk (12:45-1:00pm), snacks and coffee will be provided for those attending in person outside the MSL auditorium. Please arrive before the seminar starts as food and drinks are not allowed in the room.

To join the FOSI seminar, please click a Zoom link below.
Meeting ID: 646 8259 9472
Passcode: 310456

For those who don’t know about the FOSI seminar, FOSI seminar series was created to provide a space for everyone to exchange ideas about imaging techniques and to connect with the people that use the imaging techniques that you might need for your own research.

We hope that you can join us at this month’s FOSI seminar!

FOSI organizers: Evan McKenzie, Sean Ritter, Ania Bogoslowski & Kabir Bhalla