Zeiss LSM980 with Airyscan2 & Dynamics Profiler Hands-on Demo in January 2024

Zeiss is going to set up the LSM980 with Airyscan2 & Dynamics profiler for you to try ”
Next Generation Confocal and Live Cell Super Resolution Imaging”. The demonstration will start on January 9th, 2024, at the UBC Bioimaging facility.

You can bring your samples for the demo (live, fixed, biological and materials samples) to try out their system (scan up to 10 fluorescent probes at 90 nm resolution, ultrafast imaging, high signal-to-noise ratio, reveal molecular dynamics, such as concentration, diffusion and flow in living cells using the new Dynamics Profile, FRAP and more). BIF staff will be there to discuss your experiments and find out your imaging needs.

To schedule a demo, please contact Eun (eunkyoung.lee@botany.ubc.ca).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.