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Transmission electron microscopy of Arabidopsis thaliana stem cross sections show distorted cell shapes (left image) and cytoplasmic inclusions (right image) identified in cuticle deficient mutant abcg11-3 (Bird et al., 2007. Plant J. 52 (3) 485-497). Images taken with the Tecnai Spirit 120kV TEM by undergraduate researcher Valerie Pringle in collaboration with PhD student Jessica Hancock, a […]

FOSI seminar on October 31st (Monday) at 1:30pm

FOSI seminar on October 31st (Monday) at 1:30pm

Focused On Scientific Imaging (FOSI) seminar is back for the month of October, and will take place on October 31st (Monday) at 1:30 pm in Michael Smith Laboratory (MSL) Auditorium 102 or Zoom (Hybrid). Ashley Ambrose from Gold lab Microbiology and Immunology Department, will be giving a talk titled “Dissecting the Immune Synapse with Super-resolution Microscopy”. Prior […]