Join us for a FREE Hands-on Workshop on Olympus Light/Fluorescence BX53 microscope (May 13th, 2019)!

We have a New Olympus Light/Fluorescence BX53 microscope! And with a fond farewell, we have decommissioned the venerable Zeiss Axioplan2 after 18 years of service at the BIF.

What’s new about Olympus BX53 upright microscope?

– a fully motorized X-Y Prior sample stage for image stitching, tiling & multi-position acquisition.

a DP80 Dual-chip high-resolution camera system allowing both high sensitivity monochrome and high resolution color imaging. Color mode is useful for histological studies.

– 6 fluorescent filter cubes (the same capability as Zeiss Axioplan2)

– Phase contrast capability (10x, 20x, 40x)

– Objective lens from 5x to 60x (60x Oil Immersion)

– Powerful Image acquisition & processing software (Cell-Sens)

The Olympus BX53 microscopy usage fee will be $9/hour for BIF members, $15/hour for academic users, $35/hour for Industry.


Join us for a FREE Hands-on workshop on May 13th (Monday) in two afternoon sessions (3-4 people/session).

To sign up for the workshop, please contact Miki ( with the following information.

1. Your name, your PI’s name

2. Which session you would like to attend (A) 1:00-2:30pm or (B) 3:00-4:30pm?

3.Which capability you are interested? You can select all that may apply.

(A) Light/phase contrast microscopy

(B) Fluorescence microscopy

(C) Image Stiching/Tiling

(D) Others: Please specify

Looking forward to hearing from you!