Olympus SZX10 Stereomicroscope


– Dissections and viewing objects at low magnifications

– Brightfield/Darkfield transmitted LED light

– Reflected light (Objective-mounted fiber optic light source)

– High resolution color (can be converted to B&W) for digital image capture and short movies

– DF PLAPO 1x-4 lens (Aprochromatically corrected, Excellent resolving power, contrast, and image flatness with minimum distortion)

– Zoom range: 0.63x – 6.3x (6.3x – 63x w/ 10x tube lens)


Academic users: $15/h, Industry users: $60/h



Olympus SZX10

Light Source:

LED Transmitted light source

Halogen reflected light source

Camera and Control:

Olympus DP72 digital camera, 4140 x 3096 pixels, 12 bits, high sensitivity up to ISO1600

Olympus CellSens Standard software operated ona Windows 7 PC