Olympus BX53 Light/Fluorescence microscope


– Upright configuration Wide Field Microscope

– Bright Field Imaging with Dark Field option

– Phase contrast and DIC imaging

– Widefield fluorescence microscopy

– Motorized fluorescence cube filter wheel, objective lens, and condenser lens

– Fully motorized stage (XYZ) ideal for image stitching, tilting and Z-stacking

– Both Color & High sensitivity Black& White CCD cameras


Academic users: $15/h, Industry users: $35/h




Olympus BX53F2 upright


Light Source:

LED Transmitted light

Short Arc Mercury  lamp for reflected/fluorescence excitation



4x/NA 0.16/Air UPLXAPO

10x/NA 0.25/Air UPLXAPO

20x/NA 0.50/Air UPLFLN PH (#1.5 cover slip)

40x/NA 0.75/Air UPLFLN PH (#1.5 cover slip)

40x/NA 0.95/Air UPLXAPO (#1.5 cover slip)

60x/NA 1.2/Water UPLSAPO (#1.5 cover slip)

60x/NA 1.35/Oil UPLSAPO (#1.5 cover slip)

Most of our other Olympus objectives can also be used, including Water Dipping objectives.

Filter Cube Sets:

  1. Bright Field & Phase Contrast (empty)
  2. DAPI, Hoechst (Ex: BP375/28, 415DC, Em: LP435)
  3. FITC, eGFP (Ex: BP470/40, 495DC, Em: BP525/50)
  4. TRITC, RFP (Ex: BP546/22, 565DC, Em: BP590/33)
  5. Cy5, Alexa633, 647 (Ex: BP620/60, 660DC, Em: BP700/75)
  6. eCFP, Alexa430 (Ex: BP436/20, 455DC, Em: BP480/40)
  7. eYFP (Ex: BP500/20, 515DC, Em: BP535/30)


Camera and Control:

DP80 Dual Chip Color and Monochrome Camera

Olympus CellSens Standard software on a Windows 10 PC

Stage can accommodate our temperature control and petri dish inserts.