FEI Tecnai G2 TEM


– Conventional TEM imaging


3D electron tomography

Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) with iCorr system


Academic users: $75/h, Industry users: $180/h

Academic users: $625/day, Industry users: $1365/day


Maximum Resolution: 1.4 Å with 200 kV LaB6 filament

Equipped with a high-tilt, high-precision motorized stage for 3D electron tomography

Integrated iCorr system

Sample section on the grid can be imaged with a fluorescence microscope (20x objective lens, Ex. 488 nm/good for GFP, FITC, Alexa488) to find the region of interest (ROI)

Can be switched from fluorescence to TEM mode to zoom into the ROI


Sample Holder:

Standard holder

Fischione single-tilt tomography holder

Fischione dual-tilt tomography holder

Gatan cryo-holder with a Smart Set controller


Camera and Control:

AMT 2K side mount CCD camera

FEI Eagle 4K bottom mount CCD camera

FEI Xpress 3D software operated by Windows XP