Zeiss Axioplan 2


– Transmitted light microscopy, Brightfield and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) imaging

– Phase contrast imaging (available with 20x objective lens only)

– Widefield fluorescence microscopy



BIF members: $7.92/h, Academic users: $13.20/h, Industry users: $30/h



Zeiss Axioplan2 upright microscope


Light Source:

Transmitted light

Mercury arc lamp for reflected/fluorescence light



10x/NA 0.30/Air Plan-Neofluar

20x/NA 0.60/Air Plan Apochromat

40x/NA 0.75/Air Plan Neofluar

63x/NA 1.4/Oil Plan Apochromat

100x/NA 1.3/Oil Plan Neofluar


Filter Cube Sets (8 position turret):

  1. DAPI, Hoechst (Ex: BP365/12, Em: LP397)
  2. GFP, FITC, YFP (Ex: BP470/40, Em: LP515)
  3. RFP (Ex: BP546/12, Em: LP590)
  4. Cy5 (Ex: BP620/62, Em: BP700/75)
  5. GFP (Ex: BP470/40, Em: BP525/50)
  6. Transmitted light mode (Ex: Empty, Em: Empty)
  7. CFP (Ex: BP436/20, Em: BP480/40)
  8. YFP (Ex: BP500/20, Em: BP535/30)


Camera and Control:

AxioCam MRm monochrome digital camera, 1388 x 1049 pixels

Zeiss Zen (Blue edition) software on a Windows 7 PC