BIF guideline for re-opening (Phase 2)

Purpose: During the COVID-19 situation, we ask all the BIF user to follow the BIF guideline described below. The guideline allows us to reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading the virus in the facility.

Note: If you have concerns or feel unsafe, contact Miki Fujita, BIF research manager (

1. The facility is operating on an appointment-only basis to restrict the number of people in the facility at one time to 14 (2/3 occupancy) including staff and users.

All the work has to be performed during BIF business hours 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. The work should be finished by 5:30 pm to permit the custodial staff access after 6 pm.

* Only experienced users are permitted to use the BIF outside the business hours (7am to 9am Monday to Friday and on weekends). A research exemption is needed for after-hour (After 6pm) work during the weekday.

A. Booking of equipment

Every appointment will be coordinated through Miki Fujita, Research manager. Users need to submit “Equipment Booking Enquiry Form” . A booking confirmation email will be sent within 24 hrs. Prioritization of Access will be given IF 1) Research personnel working on COVID-related research, including work for which an exemption was already granted. 2) Research personnel who are working on time-critical projects for reasons including: grant deadlines, time-sensitive papers, and students close to degree completion.

B. Online Booking Calendar (View only)

Only BIF staff can book the equipment on behalf of the user. Users can view the equipment status but are unable to book the equipment by themselves.

C. Cancellation of your appointment

Please contact Miki ( if the user needs to cancel the appointment more than 24 hours prior to their schedule appointment. No penalty fee will be charged. If the user doesn’t show up, the user will be charged for the full length of the original reservation.

D. Billing log computer (Disabled)

Users are encouraged to contact Miki to report their hours of equipment usage.

2. Protective measures must be used all the time in the facility.

  • Everyone who comes into work needs to do the self-assessment ( prior to entering their building, with no exceptions. This must be done daily when working on campus and is a WorkSafe BC requirement.
  • Bring your UBC card to enter the building, own pen/pencil to sign the user sign-in/sign-out sheet at the BIF, lab coat (mandatory) and mask (highly encouraged).
  • To access BIF, use the stairwell 10 (descending only) at the west end of north wing BioSci Bldg. To exit the building, use the stairwell 9 (ascending only) at the east end of north wing. An elevator is located at the middle of hallway (maximum of 2 people).

  • There will be one-way traffic inside the facility and in the hallway of north wing basement (Please follow the sign).
  • “User sign-in/sign-out sheet” will be posted at the entrance and exit doors of the BIF. All personnel will sign in when entering the BIF, and sign out when they leave.
  • Always maintain a minimum distance of two metres to the next person.
  • Only one person per microscopy/equipment room is permitted. Maximum of four people are permitted in main lab (Rm 0144), as long as physical distancing is maintained.
  • Wash hands/gloved hands with soap between work stations. BIF Hand Wash Stations are located in Rm 0129, 0131, 0141, 0144.
  • Before leaving the station, wipe out all touched surfaces with alcohol. BIF staff will also clean the surface of equipment (key board, mouse, operation knobs, eye pieces, desk, chair) after each user.
  • There will be at least 30-minute time window to keep the room empty before next user comes in.

4. We intend to provide a training session with new user while physical distancing is maintained.

  • For optical microscopy training, BIF staff connects with new user remotely on Zoom to show how to operate the microscope. After the Zoom session, the user can come to use the microscope at the BIF. BIF staff will be at his office to help the user remotely using Remote Desktop function.
  • For SEM and TEM, training remotely is not possible due to the lack of Remote Desktop function in Windows XP system. BIF staff will keep a physical distance while training.
  • For the sample preparation and microtome training, BIF staff will keep a physical distance while training.
  • When training is required that can not be performed with physical distancing, we will follow the regulations for close-up training activities as outlined in the Faculty of Science plan Appendix 2.

“When 2 research personnel need to work in close proximity where physical distancing is not possible, the overarching objective of keeping exposure to individuals outside of your household as low as reasonably achievable remains by organizing tasks and work environments to minimize the duration spent in close proximity. In addition to standard controls, it is recommended that the researchers wear an approved face shield and, if available, a disposable surgical mask. If such masks are not available, individuals may choose to wear a disposable non medical mask as an additional measure.”

  • Training contents will be available on the BIF Canvas online training site. Please contact Miki for more information.
  • BIF staff can perform preliminary experiments for users.

5. BIF accepts new project/sample for imaging service.

BIF will accept project/sample on a first-come, first-serve basis, but depending on the facility occupancy, some delays may be expected.